Hi there.

I’m Victoria, I’m 31, and I’m currently living in wonderful Columbus, Ohio with my love Brad, and my two cats Sheldon and Patsy. I am many things and many people rolled up into one. A coffee snob. Total makeup addict. Fountain pen connoisseur. Lover of words like connoisseur.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, I went into the correctional system here in Ohio. After learning that the system really isn’t made to help people out, I left. Since then, I’ve been working to make the system better and am studying for the LSAT in hopes to get a law degree and actually put my money where my mouth is on being that change.

I’ve always loved handwriting, which is why I got into fountain pens pretty hardcore. I learned practice makes perfect, and people were wanting to pay me for writing down pretty things. I created Honey and Moonlight as an outlet for my hand lettering, as well as my creativity in other areas. I’m so glad you stopped by!


Please feel free to contact me at honeyandmoonlight.victoria@gmail.com.